The Society of NLP™

Professional Conduct in Generalsnlp1

  • The NLP professional does not make claims that are untrue or misleading regarding their offers, or their credentials.
  • The NLP professional respects efforts and contributions of others and not misrepresent them as their own.
  • The NLP professional maintains their own personal mental well-being and in any event should any issues arise that would impair their performance and/or relationships, they take appropriate action to suspend or even terminate those relationships for the sake of their clients/associates.
  • The NLP professional maintains, stores, and disposes of any records created during business according to good business practices and with security, confidentiality and privacy and is in compliance with those laws in their legal jurisdiction where applicable. This includes client contact information.

Professional Conduct with Clients
Informed Consent in the (Counseling) Relationship

  • The NLP professional does not mislead or make false claims to potential clients about what they can expect from an NLP process. They do not information or advice that is misleading or false.
  • The NLP professional has a clear agreement (or contract) with their clients and they honor all agreements (or contracts)made in their professional relationships.
  • The NLP professional is responsible for setting clear, appropriate, and sensitive boundaries that determine any physical contact with my clients (as in kinesthetic anchoring, for example).
  • The NLP professional does not engage in personal relationships or sexually intimate relationships any of current clients (or family members) and consider the risks of accepting previous relationships (or family members) as clients.
  • The NLP professional understands and respects the client’s right to terminate the client relationship at any point during the process, which would be clearly included in the agreement (or contract).
  • The NLP professional encourages the client to change to another professional (Transfer of Services) if/when they would be better helped by another professional and suggests they seek those other services.
  • The NLP professional maintains the strictest confidentiality with all client information and also has a clear agreement about releasing any information to another.

Conlicts of Personal/Professional Values

  • The NLP professional avoids imposing their own values, beliefs, and behaviors and respect the diversity of clients.

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